FIT 2017 Design Contest

Calling for creative designers! Submit your design for FIT2017.

FIT For Charity Run 2017 (“FIT”) is now looking for designers for this year’s official T-shirts, posters and etc (the “Work”). You may submit your own Work, or recommend others, regardless of what industry you belong to.

Please feel free to share your creativity with FIT. We look forward to your submissions!

Application terms and conditions

  • The Work must be original and have never been released to the public, in or outside of Japan.
  • Should depict the concept of FIT. To learn more about FIT, please check our official Website.
  • Must include “2017” or “17”
  • T-Shirt base color will be 032 Royal Blue or 133 Light Blue *1, design will be printed in single colour (any CMYK colour is ok, except gold / silver) *2
  • FIT official logo can be used as desired. (Please email the FIT Organising Committee at if you wish to use official logo)
  • Entry Period: June 29th to July 12th, 2017
  • Software to be used: Adobe Illustrator only
  • Data size: W30cm x H30cm (maximum print size)

Note 1: Please check TOMS catalog P15
Note 2: FIT Committee reserves the right to change the print colour.

Application Guidelines

  • Anyone can submit irrespective of profession, employer, nationality etc.
  • Individual or group submissions accepted
  • Multiple submissions are accepted (one application for each Work must be submitted)
  • Underage applicants’ submissions must be accompanied by approval from guardian
  • Work must be submitted in the format as required by the FIT Organising Committee

How to apply

Please attach the following form and send to

  • Please download entry form from here
  • JPG or PDF

Review of Applications

  • Round 1: FIT Organising Committee Communications Team members will screen submitted Work before progressing to Round 2.
  • Round 2: FIT Organising Committee will vote, with the Work receiving the most votes selected as this year’s design.

Rights Provision and Important Notices

  • The Work selected for this year’s design will be used for related event merchandise, website, SNS, other publications, and any and all purposes deemed necessary by the FIT Organising Committee for the event implementation and promotion.
  • The applicant of the selected Work grants exclusive usage of the Work by FIT Organising Committee for an unlimited period. The applicant will not retain any rights to the usage of the selected Work.
  • Applicant of the selected Work shall grant to the FIT Organising Committee the right for any adaptation and alteration of the said work and shall not exercise the author’s moral rights.
  • If provided, the FIT Official Logo may only be used for the purpose of this design competition. Any other usage is strictly forbidden without prior approval from the FIT Oganising Committee.
  • Entries must not infringe on any third party’s rights including copyright, author’s moral rights, any other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc. Applicants must not use previously copyrighted works of which a third party retains the rights to.
    • (Any third party dispute that arises in regards to a submitted Work shall be resolved and the cost borne solely by the applicant.)
  • Any and all submitted Work will not be returned as a principle. Please retain a copy if necessary.
  • Selected Work and the designer’s name (pen name) will be announced via official website, SNS or press release.
  • Applicant of the selected Work shall not publish the said Work to any other sources without prior consent from FIT.
  • Applicants shall bear any and all expenses for Work creation and delivery.
  • If it is revealed that an applicant has antisocial associations, his/her Work will be excluded from the competition. If this fact comes to light after the finalist is decided, the decision will be canceled without notice. In addition, no compensation will be made for any and all damage caused in that case.
  • Personal information provided at the time of entry will be used for acceptance of Work, inquiries, results notice, and any other instances deemed necessary for contest implementation. Except as permitted by laws and regulations, FIT will not use the personal information or provide it to third parties for any other purposes without the consent of the applicant.
  • Invalid applications / selection: Entry/selection may be invalid if it falls under any of the following:
    • In case an entry breaches this application’s guidelines or there is a fraudulent act
    • In case an entry contravenes public order and morals
    • In case the contact address or the change of address is unknown
    • Incomplete application
    • In case an applicant cannot be contacted following entry
    • When the FIT Organising Committee determines an entry is remarkably similar to other works
    • When the FIT Organising Committee determines that there is a threat of a claim made from a third party on the entry
    • In the event that FIT Organising Committee determines that it is appropriate to revoke the selection of an entry


  • Applicants shall apply for this design contest at their own cost and responsibility. This design contest is subject to suspension or cancellation without advance notice.
  • The FIT Organising Committee shall not be liable, whether direct or indirect, for any damages caused in connection with the application to this contest or an applicant’s inability to enter.
  • The FIT Organising Committee shall be exempted from any dispute arising between an applicant and a third party in connection with this contest.