FAQ for Sponsors, Supporters and Participants

This page provides information for firms who are Sponsors, Supporters or Participants of this year's event.

Please refer to the below FAQ for Sponsor, Supporter and Participant firms.

  • For questions on the FIT Organising Committee or beneficiary organisations, please refer to the separate FAQ Page.

1. Sponsorship

1-1: What is the difference between sponsor firms (categories Sponsor and Supporter) and participant firms?

1-1: Sponsor firms can display their commitment to contributing to the local community by becoming a financial sponsor. In addition to having employees participate in the FIT run, sponsor firms can realize other benefits through FIT sponsorship such as improved brand recognition through the exposure of firm name and logo, providing an employee engagement opportunity, enhancement of CSR programmes through interaction with the beneficiary organisations.

Participant firms are those who do not financially sponsor FIT and only participate in the FIT event via their employees’ participation fees. Participant firms can join the run (some exceptions apply), however there will be no exposure of firm name or logo, and there will be no meeting area inside the FIT event venue. Also, the external use of the FIT name and logo is not allowed. There are a number of firms that started to participate as a participant firm through the initiative of employees such as run enthusiasts, and then later considered switching to sponsors status after experiencing the FIT event. Please also review the overview of sponsor benefits under Getting Involved.

1-2: What is the sponsor area referred to under sponsor benefits?

1-2: The sponsor area is a space allocated to each Sponsor firm near the goal area. The size of the space is approximately 3m x 4m and depends on the number of sponsors in that year. Due to space limitations, we are unfortunately not able to provide a sponsor area to Supporter firms.

In order for Sponsor firms to be able to display their firm’s banner, a fence (approx. height 1.2m) is setup as a partition to the running course. Following the guidance from the district fire station, items which may inhibit evacuation in the event of a natural disaster (banner flag, table, chairs etc.) cannot be brought to the venue; however, you can use the space as an assembly point for participants and volunteers, taking a group picture etc. Click herefor images of last year’s sponsor area.

2. Team Admin site / FIT Contact Person

2-1: Please advise how to login.

2-1: Go to http://teamadmin.fitforcharity.org/ and enter your firm’s user name and password. The user name and password is generated at the start of each year’s event registration and sent to the person registering. A new password is generated each year; please note that you cannot use last year’s password.

2-2: I don’t know the password.

2-2: A new password is generated at the start of each year’s event registration and sent to the person registering. If you cannot remember or locate your password, please contact sponsorship@fitforcharity.org to request a reissue.

2-3: Our firm’s FIT contact has changed.

A 2-3: Please update your firm’s contact on the Organisation page of the Team Admin site, then notify sponsorship@fitforcharity.org.
Only one email address can be registered per firm. You can register a group email in case you have multiple contact persons.

2-4: We have registered additional contact persons on the Contacts page of Team Admin; however, they do not receive email notifications.

2-4: Due to system limitations, only the person registers as Primary Contact will receive email notifications.

2-5: Our firm’s name or logo has changed.

2-5: Please update the relevant section on the Organisation page of Team Admin site, then contact sponsorship@fitforcharity.org. You can also register a company name to be used in marketing materials if different from your firm’s official name.

3. FIT Official T-Shirts and Company Logo

3-1: What does this year’s T-shirt look like?

3-1: The T-shirt design will be published on the Information site of FIT’s homepage as and when determined. Sponsor firm logos will be displayed on the back side of the T-shirt. Supporter and Participant firms’ logos will not be displayed on the T-shirt.

3-2: How do we submit our firm logo?

3-2: Please upload by the due date your firm logo to the Organisation page of Team Admin site: Sponsor firms for both the T-shirt and website, Supporter firms only for the website. Please review the deadline on the annual schedule displayed on Team Admin Top. If there is no change in your firm’s logo there is no need to upload again; however, we still request you to contact sponsorship@fitforcharity.org to confirm. Click here to review last year’s logo.

For the website, please provide the logo in colour (RGB) as .jpg, .png or .gif data.
For the T-shirt, we use single colour printing. Please provide the logo in black and white as .eps or .ai (vector) data. We cannot accept CMYK, RGB, grey scale files.

The FIT Organising Committee cannot convert your logo file to single colour; please contact your firm’s branding team and provide the correct data. If the correct file is not received by the deadline, it will cause delay to the T-shirt delivery schedule for all firms. Your understanding and support is appreciated.

3-3: How do I apply for T-Shirts?

3-3: Please enter the number of T-Shirts you would like to order in the T-Shirts page on the Team Admin site by the date stated in our annual schedule on Team Admin site. Since we order based on the size and the number entered in the system by the deadline, we do not accept any changes/additions after the deadline (It is possible to make changes in the numbers on the system, but we finalise and you will be delivered the number of shirts entered in the system on the date of the deadline).

Please be aware that the T-Shirts are provided only to those who pay the donation (participation fee = JPY5,000 or more). Although there are no T-Shirts available for children and volunteers who do not pay the participation fee, you can purchase a T-Shirt (JPY1,000) on sale at the venue on the day of the event. All the proceeds will be donated to the charities we support.

3-4: There was a change in the number of participants after the application deadline; can I increase / decrease the number of T-Shirts ordered?

3-4: Unfortunately, we do not accept additional orders after the deadline. If you need additional T-Shirts, please consider purchasing them (JPY1,000/unit) at the venue on the day of the event. All the proceeds will be donated to the charities we are supporting.
If the number of participants decreases after the deadline, please make adjustments within your company so that the number of participants does not fall below the number at the time of application, such as kindly asking for participating fee from the person(s) who cancelled or asking other people in your organisation to join in their place. We would appreciate your understanding that costs are already incurred after the deadline.

3-5: Could you tell me the sizing for the T-Shirts?

3-5: Please refer to the T-Shirts page within Team Admin site for the sizing.

4. Payment matters

4-1: How do I pay for sponsorship and participation fees?

4-1: Both the sponsorship and the participation fees must be paid by the company to the bank account specified by FIT. For more details, please refer to the Payment page within Team Admin. Please complete your payments for each fee by their respective deadlines. We do not accept participation fees from individual employees. Please make a summary payment by sponsor / participant firm, indicating the company name on the payer line.

4-2: Please explain each component on the Payment page of the Team Admin site.

4-2: Sponsorship / Supporter fee will be automatically entered by the type (sponsor/supporter) you selected at the time of application.

Participant Fees will be automatically calculated by the “number of participants (adults)” x JPY5,000 in the Team page. If you want to make any changes to the amount, please change the number of participants on the team page.

Use Company Matching Fee to add additional donations under your firm’s matching programme.

Use Additional Donations if you wish to make additional donations other than the firm’s matching programme, e.g. in case some participants wish to make an additional donation in excess of the JPY5,000 fee.

Total Amount will be calculated automatically as the sum of the above four items. Please complete your payments for each fee (sponsorship fee and participation fee) by their respective deadlines.

4-3: We need an invoice for the sponsorship and participation fee

4-3: We will send you an invoice in PDF once it is prepared by the finance team.

4-4: Will a tax receipt be issued?

4-4: A tax receipt for the sponsorship fee will be sent to the sponsoring company in PDF format as payments are confirmed. It will usually take one to two weeks to deliver the receipt, but it is possible that there may be some delays depending on the schedule of the finance team volunteers. If you require the receipt urgently, please contact us at treasury@fitforcharity.org after you make the transfer. The addressee on the receipt will be the one entered under Name to appear on confirmation of donation received, at the bottom of the Payment page in Team Admin site. For more details, please check the email sent to your firm’s FIT contact person. We appreciate your early payment.

The issuance of the receipt for “participation fee” will be sent in a PDF form, once we confirm the payment and in the order of receipt. Usually it takes one to two weeks to deliver the receipt, but it is possible that there might be some delays depending on the schedule of the finance team volunteers. If you require the receipt urgently, please contact us at treasury@fitforcharity.org after making the transfer.

4-5: Are sponsorship fees or donations for FIT tax-deductible?

4-5: Since FIT is a voluntary organisation, the sponsorship and participation fee for FIT are not eligible for tax deduction.

5. Recruiting Participants and Volunteers in your Company

5-1: Are there any available marketing materials that can be used for recruiting runners and walkers in our company?

5-1: The venue map and the schedule of the day are scheduled to be released on the Team Admin site as they become available. Please download and use them as you need. The design of the official FIT T-Shirt will be posted on the Information page of the FIT For Charity website as soon as finalised.

5-2: Are friends and families of the employee eligible for participating the run, walk, and as volunteer?

5-2: Families and friends are welcome to join if you are able to register them in your company and collate participation fees. In the past, many participants joined the event with their families and friends, and FIT is widely recognised as an event at which families and friends can easily join and contribute to society.

Also, FIT pays close attention towards running an accident-free event. Please be sure to share the precautions with your family and friends prior to attending the event. Please also ensure adults are responsible for their children’s safety.

5-3: Is there any insurance when joining?

5-3: Yes, every year at FIT, we arrange insurance for participation on the day of the event. We plan to arrange the below insurance for this year as well.
Runners: Marathon insurance (covers all participants; accidents occurred during roundtrip to the FIT venue are not covered)
Volunteers: Common accident insurance (covers all volunteers listed by the company contact personon the volunteer list (no need to submit to the organising committee); accidents occurred during round trip to FIT venue are covered)
Organizer (FIT Organising Committee): Facility liability insurance

5-4: Are there any conditions for the intercompany relay?

5-4: A maximum of 30 teams can participate; only Sponsor firms can field a team and runners must be employees of the Sponsor firm. Each team will have four runners (Sponsor firms employees) including at least one female runner. Two qualifying races with 15 teams each, final race with top six teams and qualifying race draws to be held at Team / Volunteer Captain Meeting.

5-5: Can I participate with my pets?

5-5: Please do not participate in the event with your pets. On the day of the event, the venue and surrounding area will be very crowded. In addition to FIT participants, many members of the public will use the facilities of Meiji Jingu Gaien and surroundings. We ask for your consideration and cooperation in order to avoid injury, confusion, trouble etc.

5-6: Can I bring a buggy or participate in a wheel chair?

5-6: Yes, you can join the 1 km walk. If you participate with a buggy or in a wheel chair please follow the volunteer instruction and pay attention to safety.
You may however not participate in other event categories. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the safety of other participants and runners.

5-7: Is it possible to participate in multiple event categories?

5-7: Yes, you can join in several categories. Please register on Team page on the Team Admin site.
Example of entry for one employee who first participates in the 10k run, then joins his two family members (1 adult, 1 child under 16 years old) at the 1k walk (total 3 people).

  • Number of participants = Adults 2, Children (under 16) 1
  • 10k run = Adults 1
  • 5k run = 0
  • 1k walk = Adults 2, Children (under 16) 1

5-8: We would like to send volunteers from our company and have them work as a group; what kind of tasks do you have?

5-8: There are the following tasks (subject to change). Please use the volunteering activities as an opportunity for team building.
Depending on number of volunteer and tasks, a sole company may be assigned to a task; in other cases, several companies may work together in cooperation on the same task. If you have a preferred task, please identify a volunteer captain for your firm, contact the Logistics team, and join the Logistics team meeting etc.

  • Time keeper
  • Award ceremony
  • Water station
  • Food and drink distribution, garbage
  • Changing room
  • Cloak
  • Course management, venue guide
  • Sponsor area, etc

5-9: How do I register company volunteers ?

5-9: Please enter the number of volunteers at the bottom of the Team page on the Team Admin site. List of volunteer should be sent to logi-core@fitforcharity.org by 22 November. Depending on the number of volunteers, the FIT Organising Committee (in charge is the Logistic team) will allocate the tasks.
Also, please participate in the Briefing Session for All Participating Companies and Volunteers held for all participating companies before the event. At the briefing session, we will provide a concrete explanation of the tasks and manuals. For details, we will send an e-mail to the contact person of each company.

6. On the day of the event

6-1: Do you have a waiting or meeting area?

6-1: Sponsor areas are available for sponsoring companies (only for Sponsor category). There is no dedicated meeting / assembly area for participants from Supporter, Participant, and Donor firms. Please come to the venue according to the start time of each programme. As there are many members of the public on that day that use facilities in and around the Meiji Jingu Gaien area, please deposit your luggage at the cloak and refrain from occupying spaces other than the allocated sponsor area. You may not place objects in public spaces near the venue, including benches, paths, sidewalks, etc. Please note that if we receive negative feedback from the venue or the public, it may impact our ability to hold the FIT event in the following year.

6-2: Will the event be held if it rains? In case of event cancellation, is there any notice?

6-2: The event will be held even if it rains; but if the weather doesn’t allow a safe running of the event (e.g. heavy storm), we may cancel the event. An announcement will be posted on the FIT website, the FIT Facebook page and FIT Twitter account at 7:00AM on the day of the event.

6-3: In case I can’t participate, will the participation fee be refunded?

6-3: No, the participation fee is part of the donation to the beneficiary organisations and will not be refunded.

6-4: Is there car or bicycle parking area?

6-4: No, there will be no car or bicycle parking area. Please come by public transportation.

6-5: Is there cloak room to leave belongings?

6-5: We are planning to set up a cloak at the venue, but space and facilities will be limited. The cloak should only be used to leave your belongings while you are running or walking and your valuables should not be left at the cloak. The FIT For Charity Run Organising Committee shall not be responsible for any theft, loss or damage.

6-6: Is there any changing area?

6-6: Please change into clothes suitable for run / walk prior to coming to the venue. We will prepare a simple changing space in outdoor tents; however, since spaces are limited, please use it only if you need to change clothes at the venue by all means. Thousands of participants are scheduled to attend on the day of the event. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.