Annual Schedule

The FIT For Charity Run Organising Committee not only organises the December event, but operates throughout the year from the kickoff in April to the charity donation ceremony after the event.

Key dates for FIT For Charity 2021

* Subject to change

Jul 20 (Tue)
FIT Organising Committee Meeting - orientation to Sponsor Firms and Participant companies
~Aug 31 (Tue)
FIT informs company reps of
a) how participants can register;
b) how to obtain participant information for their firm
Aug 6 (Fri)
Deadline for submission of Sponsor Firms and their logos for T-shirt
Aug 23 (Mon) ~
Sep 3 (Fri)
Voting for charities by eligible firms
Sep 1 (Mon)
Online registration starts
Sep 17 (Fri)
FIT official T-shirt registration deadline
(participants can continue to register after this date, but will not receive a FIT t-shirt)
Sep 21 (Tue)
FIT Organising Committee Meeting - Announcement of Charities
Oct 15 (Fri)
T-shirt distribution
Oct 26 (Tue)
Online Charities Reception
Oct 29 (Fri)
Sponsorship / Supporter payments due
Nov 1 (Mon) ~ 30 (Tue)
FIT For Charity Run 2021
Dec 8 (Wed)
Online CEO Session
Dec 31 (Fri)
Deadline for participant / additional payments
Feb 2022 (TBD)
Donation Ceremony