2022 Charities

The Financial Industry in Tokyo (FIT) is dedicated to supporting non-profit community organisations serving important, but not necessarily well-recognised needs, with limited fundraising capabilities.

The FIT For Charity 2022 Organising Committee is pleased to announce the five beneficiary charities we will be supporting this year. After a thorough review, the charities were selected through a voting process held amongst eligible FIT sponsor firms.

This year’s beneficiary organisations are as follows.

Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Edge

Edge spreads “correct awareness” and “support” for dyslexia (reading and writing difficulties).

General Incorporated Association Career Action Network

Career Action Network provides consultation support and a place to stay for family caregivers who are taking care of their family members.

General Incorporated Association Heart Full Family

Heart Full Family provide comprehensive self-support activities for single mothers and single fathers, helping single family parents and their children to lead vibrant social lives.

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Chaibora

Chaibora‘s activities support the recruitment and retention of facility staff to create a world where children living in institutions are nurtured with care.

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Good Aging Yells

Good Aging Yells are implementing activities such as gathering at cafes, staying in shared houses, and various events. The goal is creating a world where LGBT people can age together in enjoyment.

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Keep Moms Smiling

Keep Moms Smiling aims for a society where mothers and families raising sick or slow-developing children can smile, and provide meals for those.

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Tokyo Satoyama Pioneers

Tokyo Satoyama Pioneers is working with children from children's homes to cultivate a desolate mountain forest in Tokyo, and by utilizing the bounty of nature, they are creating their own "hometown," a place where they can regain a true sense of richness of mind.

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Youth Community

With the cooperation of local people, Youth Community will provide a learning environment for children with difficulties and create a society where it is taken for granted that "if a child is in trouble, adults will help him or her”.

Beneficiary charities that represent FIT’s principles are chosen from organisations in the Kanto area and the funds are divided equally among them. As FIT Organising Committee is not a standing organisation, each year, FIT selects anew the organisations it chooses to support, allowing FIT to cover a broad range of organisations and social causes in our local community.

Because all members of the FIT For Charity Organising Committee are themselves unpaid volunteers, and because almost everything needed to hold the FIT event is donated by companies and their employees, the charity organisations supported by FIT receive approximately 90% of the total funds collected.