Raffle Draw

Raffle tickets are sold and drawn on the event day this year too. You have a chance to win prizes provided by donors. The proceeds will go to the charities. Buy raffle tickets to support the causes and to win prizes!

Where to Buy

There are two raffle ticket booths

    • In the parking lot of Picture Gallery
    • Near the cloak in the indoor practice field

Raffle Ticket Price

500 yen a piece.
You can buy as many as you like to increase your chance of winning.
You can pay by cash, credit card, Suica, and other means.

Prize Infomation

Click here

Prize Conditions

Some prizes may have restrictions, such as being non-transferable.

Time Table

8:30 - 13:30
Raffle sales
FIT For Charity 2023 Closing Ceremony
14:00 - 14:30
Preliminary draw
By 17:00
Preliminary draw winners published on the web
23:59 next day
Preliminary draw winner claim deadline
Next next day onward
Secondary draw and prize shipments

Announcement of Winners

Preminary draw winners will be published on the web. Its URL is informed when you buy the tickets.
Preliminary draw winners proceed to the secondary draw if they claim their winning. Anticipating “no shows”, there will be more preliminary draw winners than the number of prizes. This means you may not win any prizes even if you win the preliminary draw.

To proceed to the secondary draw, preliminary draw winners need to send the following before the deadline in the way specified on the preliminary draw result web page:

  1. Winning number
  2. Photo of the winning ticket
  3. Prize recipient name
  4. Shipping postal code
  5. Shipping address
  6. Shipping phone number

The secondary draw will be conducted among the primary draw winners who claimed their win. Then, FIT will ship prizes to the secondary draw winners. You will know you win a prize by receiving it. Otherwise you lost.

If you buy raffle tickets, make sure to check the winning numbers at 17:00 on the day.