About FIT

When was the FIT For Charity Run first held?

The FIT For Charity Run was held for the first time in 2005. It has been held annually since.

Who started FIT, and why?

A group of individual employees working for finance and financial-related companies came together, in shock, after the Major Earthquake off the Coast of Sumatra and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean at the end of 2004. They resolved to do something meaningful for the community that would make a difference. They chose to group together and form FIT to seek and support causes and community organisations that are not necessarily well recognised in our society. The aim was to express the wider commitment of the finance industry to our society.

Which companies support FIT?

FIT is supported by companies from the financial and finance-related industries in Tokyo as well as other companies that donate goods and services. Information on this year's Sponsors and Donors will be made available on this website shortly. Other than being a sponsoring firm, you can also support FIT by participating as a runner or walker. Participation requires a firm to register, manage applications and make participation fee payments on behalf of its employees. Additionally, many employees from financial and finance-related companies support FIT as volunteers.


There are many charities. How does FIT select them?

Criteria for selection of Charities are as follows.

  • FIT For Charity is dedicated to supporting non-profit community organisations serving important, but not necessarily well-recognised needs, with limited fundraising capabilities. Supported charities that represent this principle are chosen from organisations in the Kanto area.
  • As a non-standing organisation, FIT prefers to support community organisations on a one-year basis. By doing so, FIT can vary the organisations and therefore supports a wide range of causes.
  • The number of beneficiaries is decided based on the estimated size and scale of the event. Last year, eight community organisations received proceeds from the FIT For Charity event.
    The FIT Organising Committee will solicit nominations from its member companies for charities meeting the FIT support criteria. Nominees will be subject to due diligence, and this year's beneficiaries will be decided by a vote by qualified Sponsor/Supporter companies.

How much of the money raised goes to the charities?

Since 2007, approximately 90% went to the charities. This is an unusually high pass-through rate which is achieved because members of the FIT For Charity Organising Committee are unpaid volunteers and almost all of the elements needed to stage the event are donated by sponsor companies.

How are the funds split?

The funds raised are split equally among the supported charities.

Which charities has FIT supported in the past?

Please click here to see which charities have been supported in previous years.

Which companies recommended the charities?

We don’t disclose the names of companies who recommend the various charities.
Please email charity@fitforcharity.org for any charity related queries.

Getting Involved

Who can participate in the event?

Those working in the financial industry or in financial-related sectors and their family and friends. Participation requires a firm to register and to manage applications from its employees. We advise those interested in participating to submit their registration as early as possible. Find out how to register for this year’s event on How to get involved page.

Why isn’t this event open to everyone, regardless of where they work?

The FIT event is open to all employees at financial and finance-related companies and their families and friends. This has helped to develop FIT’s identity, focus, momentum and effectiveness in supporting the under-recognised but good work going on at community organisations around us. This is not a matter of exclusivity but of effectiveness.

My company is interested in sponsoring or sending a team to the event. What should I do?

There are three ways that you can support:
1. Through financial sponsorship (limited to finance and related-industry firms)

  • Sponsor - minimum donation of JPY500, 000
  • Supporter - minimum donation of JPY350, 000

Employees at Sponsor and Supporter companies can participate in the charity run as runners and/or walkers by paying the participation fee. We are also seeking volunteers.
2. Donors
Non-financial-related companies can participate in the event as “Donors”. FIT Charity Runs are supported not only by sponsorship/participation fees but also donations of many goods or services for the event.
3. Participation as runner/walker (limited to finance and related-industry firms)
You can also support FIT by participating as a runner or walker. Participation requires a firm to manage registration on behalf of the participating employees and make the participation payment.
For more details, please check the How to get involved page, or contact us at sponsorship@fitforcharity.org.

I’d like to help FIT personally in some way, but don’t know what I can do.

  • Participate as runner/walker through your company's registration
  • Participate as a volunteer in the Organising Committee to plan and manage the FIT For Charity run.
  • Non-financial-related firms can participate in the event as “Donor”.

On the day of the event

Is there a gathering spot?

There will be no space to gather or leave belongings for the whole day. We ask that you come to the starting area before each race begins. A cloak room is available whilst you are walking or running, see below for further information. For sponsors, a dedicated area near the finish line will be available for each sponsoring firm.

Will the event be held if it rains?

The event will be held even if it rains but in case of heavy weather which will make it difficult to hold the event, we may cancel the event. We will make announcements on the FIT website, the FIT Facebook page and Twitter at 7:00AM on the day of the event.

In case I can’t participate, will the participation fee be refunded?

No, because the participation fee is donated to the beneficiary charities.

Is there any insurance program for the event?

Yes, participants are covered by the insurance on the day. FIT For Charity Run participants are covered by the following insurance.

Runners / walkers: Marathon Insurance (covers all participants; accidents occurring during roundtrip to the FIT venue are not covered by this insurance)
Volunteers : Common accident insurance (covers all volunteers listed by the company contact person on the volunteer list (no need to submit to the organising committee); accidents occurring during round trip to the FIT venue are covered)
FIT Organiser : Facility liability insurance

Is there car/bicycle parking area?

No. Please come by public transportation.

Is there cloak room to leave belongings?

There will be a cloakroom at the venue but the space for the cloakroom and its facilities will be limited. The cloak room should only be used to leave your belongings while you are running or walking and your valuables should not be left in the cloakroom. The FIT For Charity Run Organising Committee shall not be responsible for any theft, loss and damages.

Is there any changing area?

A makeshift changing room will be available, however spaces are very limited. Therefore, if possible, please change into your running gear before you arrive at the venue.

Can I participate with my pet?

On the day of the event, the venue will be very crowded. You are kindly requested not to participate with your pet.

Can I participate in my buggy or wheel chair?

Yes, you can participate in the walk. Please follow the volunteers’ instructions.


I am interested in participating in the event as a volunteer, are you looking for some volunteers?

Yes, we are seeking volunteers to join the FIT Charity Run Organising Committee. There are two types of volunteer activities. Some volunteers plan and manage the event for a certain period of time and some volunteers support the event only on the day of the event. If you are interested in participating in the event, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@fitforcharity.org.
The Organising Committee generally meets once a month from April to September. The meeting starts at 7pm on weekdays. Under the Organising Committee, there are some subcommittee teams and each team plans and manages each project. Each of the subcommittee teams is responsible for each project such as Sponsorship management, Charity management, Event Logistics, Communications.. etc.
Volunteers engage in the volunteer activities in a variety of ways depending on their own business schedules. Additionally, many volunteers run/walk on the day of the event. Volunteers share tasks in their respective areas of interest and according to their schedules.

Even if I am a first-time-volunteer, can I join the volunteer activity easily?

Yes, there are many first time volunteers.

What kind of volunteer activities do you have?

Volunteering activities are split into the following subcommittee teams under the organizing committee.
Sponsorship management: Conducting liaison with Sponsoring/Supporting/Participant companies. Also, the team works to set up and run briefing sessions for sponsoring/supporting companies.
Charity management: conducting nomination of charities, liaison with Charities, connecting the charities and sponsoring companies.
Event Logistics: processing a variety of applications to hold the event, arranging a venue and conducting various kinds of tasks to run the events. Making the event fun and safe, volunteers exchange ideas with other teams. The team sets up the cloakroom, water stations, food areas, medical aid station and also sets up the space for selling T-shirts, raffles. On the day of the event, the team will support the event by corroborating with volunteers.
Communications: Sharing the concept of FIT via the official FIT website, SNS, press releases, responding to media queries, coordinating the design of T-shirts and posters, working with photographers, branding and advertising FIT. The Communications team is required to collaborate with other teams to release necessary information in a timely manner.
Donor coordination: Conducting liaison with the companies donating goods and services to FIT. Designating goods and services necessary for the event, seeking donors, delivering/checking goods for the day of the event, integrating information of the donor companies which will be posted on the website..,etc.
We also seek volunteers for the day of the event. If you are interested, please contact FIT Organiser of your company or contact FIT For Charity Run Organsing Committee via webmaster@fitforcharity.org.

If you have any other questions, please contact FIT For Charity Run Organising Committee at webmaster@fitforcharity.org.