Charity Reception was held on November 30th


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The Charity Reception was held on November 30th with the selected Charity representatives and Sponsoring companies at White & Case LLP/White & Case Law Offices (Registered Association).

With over 60 attendants, Organising Committee Co-Chairs Raymong Wong (Wells Fargo) and Miho Doi (Deutsche Bank Group) opened the evening, welcoming everyone and highlighting the continued importance of FIT in supporting this year’s organisations in our local community. Afterwards, each Charity representative gave a speech to talk about their motivations, activities and future plans.

The Charities had the opportunity to meet and introduce their organisations to reception participants over drinks and elegant finger foods provided by Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo. We closed the evening with applause for the success of FIT For Charity 2016.

This reception was made possible through the support and cooperation of White & Case, Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, AIR FRANCE, Diplomatt Inc, Masahiro Murakoshi and Akira Fukunaga for the photos. We sincerely appreciate their generous contribution.

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