Charity Interview Series Part 2 NPO Hattatsu Wanpaku Kai


As part 2 of the Charity Interview Series, we would like to introduce the story of Mr. Tomohiro Oda and Ms. Hisako Tanaka from NPO Hattatsu Wanpaku Kai (Wanpaku), which operates special classes for children with developmental disorders. When FIT Comms members set out to the Wanpaku Kai office near Urayasu Station to listen to their stories, we were able to see children play freely with the staff while parents were observing peacefully. Greeting us with a warm smile, Mr. Oda and Ms. Tanaka shared with us how they started helping children with developmental disorder. We hope you will take some of time to hear out their heartwarming stories.

Please view the interview transcript here.

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