FIT 2015 beneficiary Single Mothers Forum launch new website


NPO Single Mothers Forum, which was supported by FIT For Charity Run 2015, has launched a website for their initiative called “Congratulations on Your Enrolment! (School Admission Fund for Students from Elementary School to University)” which was supported by donations from FIT For Charity. This new program has opened for applications from non-members as well.

For single parent families who are struggling economically, school supplies such as uniforms, sports jerseys and backpacks that are part of their child starting school, put a hefty burden on the parent’s shoulders. With this program, NPO Single Mothers Forum is able to subsidise the families for the necessary expenses to prepare their children for school. NPO Single Mothers Forum is also accepting further donations to reach out to as many families as possible. In 2017, their target is to help as many as 200 children.

If you are interested in supporting their program, please feel free to visit their website.

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