Special Exhibition by FIT 2018 Donor, Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery


The Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, which has provided the venue for FIT For Charity Run since 2014, was built to transmit the virtue of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken to future generations and is the symbol of Jingu Gaien.

A special exhibition, “The World according to Meiji Japan – The Opening of Japan: A History in Murals –“, is being held at the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery from October 6th (Saturday) through November 11th (Sunday) in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration.

80 authentic masterpieces of brave figures and historical sights highlighting the major reforms accomplished by the Meiji Emperor are joined by this special exibition featuring 3 main highlights. The “Project Exhibition,” which analyzes the permanent mural paintings from a new perspective, the “Column Exhibition,” which introduces the successful pursuits of foreigners who supported the modernisation of Japan from various aspects, and the “Collaboration Exhibition”, which is exhibited in the central ballroom in collaboration with the Museum Meiji-mura and the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia.

Please take this opportunity to visit the Picture Gallery.

Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery (Japanese):

Special Exhibition (Japanese):

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