FIT 2018 Donation Ceremony was held


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The FIT For Charity Run 2018 Donation Ceremony was held at Akasaka Prince Classic House on February 13th, 2019 marking the final event for FIT For Charity Run 2018, which was held on December 9th 2018 around the Meiji-jingu Gaien Course and the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.
Sponsors, Supporters, representatives of beneficiary charity organisations, and FIT For Charity organising committee members attended the event.

In 2018, FIT For Charity Run marked its fourteenth year with 5,379 runners and walkers from 105 financial services and related foreign and domestic firms. A total of 394 people participated as volunteers as well. FIT For Charity Run 2018 successfully raised JPY 58,525,091 through the financial support from Sponsor and Supporter firms, participation fees, and goods and services provided by our Donors. JPY 51,440,000, approximately 88% of the total money raised after deducting expenses, will be donated equally to the eight beneficiary charity organisations.

The FIT For Charity Run 2018 Donation Ceremony opened with a speech by the Donors Team, after which the Co-Chairpersons spoke about the event’s highlights, followed by presentations on the planned usage of the donation funds by the beneficiary charity organisations.

Through their presentations, the attendees gained a deeper understanding of the issues that are present in our society and the charities’ efforts in addressing these issues. Each representative also emphasized their commitment to make best use of the funds as well as the positive impact the anticipated donations are expected to make. After a commemorative group photo, participants had time to network and lively discussions ensued among those present. Everyone gathered at the end to toast to a successful closing of FIT For Charity Run 2018.

FIT For Charity Run brings the financial industry together to give back to the community and to build stronger relationships between the participating firms. While raising donation funds is one of the main objectives of the event, it also aims to facilitate positive outcomes for the beneficiary charity organisations and the benefactors by providing opportunities for both parties to interact with each other.

Although the donation ceremony marks the completion of the annual FIT For Charity Run event operations, key members of the organising team will continue to facilitate on-going activities, focusing on ways to improve FIT For Charity Run for our beneficiary charity organisations, Sponsors, Supporters, runners and volunteers by improving the quality, increasing transparency, and heightening awareness of the event.

Information regarding the 2019 FIT For Charity Run will be posted on this website once confirmed.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Akasaka Prince Classic House for their kind support in providing the venue, food, and beverage for the donation ceremony.

We are also very grateful to Mr. Masahiro Murakoshi and Ms. Hitomi Wakui for providing photography services, and Diplomatt Inc. for providing interpretation services during the donation ceremony.

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