Introducing “Kaigo Up Up Kun”, from NPO UPTREE


2017 FIT beneficiary organisation NPO UPTREE has released on April 8 a LINE chat bot, Kaigo Up Up Kun, for first time caregivers as well as people who have not experienced being a caregiver . (Note of translator: The Japanese onomatopoeia “up up” means drowning in something, here, in caregiving).

Kaigo Up Up Kun is an official LINE account and is centered on the caregiver roadmap, which is the most popular content from the Caregiver’s Handbook introduced in June 2016.

It aims to inform first time caregivers as well as people who have not experienced being a caregiver of caregiving basics, the care insurance system and available public services.

Caregiving often strikes suddenly and once faced with the sudden reality, the infrastructure for easily obtaining necessary information for caregiving is not well developed. Kaigo Up Up Kun was released in hopes that caregivers will not suffer alone, be able to rely of other people, and be able to take care of themselves as well.

Using a familiar app like LINE, first time caregivers as well as people who do not know any caregivers can learn about caregiving. Moreover, Kaigo Up Up Kun provides caregivers with an opportunity to evaluate their caregiving environment and experience.

We hope that using Kaigo Up Up Kun will assist in alleviating the users’ anxieties and burden. Please add Kaigo Up Up Kun to your friends list and make full use of it!

About Kaigo Up Up Kun

How to Use:

  1. Click on Add Friend (top right corner of Friends page)
  2. Choose QR code on top of page
  3. Scan the QR code below

Upcoming Plans:

The Caregivers’ Roadmap comprises is four phases. Kaigo Up Up Kun provides information on the first phase, the chaos phase. The remaining phases will be released in formats that meet the needs of each company and local government.

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