2018 Charity Interview Series - Part 3 - General Incorporated Association AOH


General Incorporated Association AOH, one of 2018 FIT for Charity Run beneficiary non-profit organisations, provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities in order to gain economic security to live more independently. It operates CHOCOLABO, which provides welfare work for people with disabilities, and a bean to bar chocolate factory and shop CHOCOLABOU, which provides work under the Labour Standards Act for people with disabilities. We met with Mr. Noriyuki Ito, Representative Director of General Incorporated Association AOH, to hear about his story.

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Pictured from left to right: Akiko Sagawa and Yuki Nishiyama (both FIT Communications Team), Mr. Hideyuki Katano (employee of CHOCOLABOU), Tomoko Tashiro (FIT Communications Team), Mr. Noriyuki Ito (Representative Director of General Incorporated Association AOH), and Mr. Satoshi Miyata (employee of CHOCOLABOU).

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