Announcing FIT 2019 Official T-shirt & Poster Designs!


We are excited to announce the release of the FIT 2019 official T-shirt and poster designs!

As this year marks the 15th anniversary of FIT For Charity, the designs are centered around the symbolic 15th anniversary logo, which expresses our feeling of gratitude through the heart shaped number 15.

The T-shirt color, garnet red, allows the design to stand out as well as providing warmth to the design. The rainbow colors of the poster highlight the T-shirt colors from the past 14 years, the diversity of the people involved in FIT, and the colorful history of FIT For Charity.

Continuing from 2017, NIJI Inc. (Mr. Yoshiyuki Mikami, Mr. Keisuke Suda) kindly provided design services.

TOMS CO., LTD. kindly provided t-shirts and printing services.

The deadline to submit company logos to be printed on the back of the FIT 2019 T-shirts is Friday, November 1st. The deadline to register for the number of T-shirts is Friday, November 22nd.

The FIT 2019 poster is now available for download on the Team Admin site. Please use the poster to promote FIT For Charity Run 2019 within your company.

We look forward to seeing many runners, walkers, and volunteers on the day of the event!

NIJI Inc.:

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