2019 FIT Charity Reception was held on October 16th


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On 16 October 2019, FIT For Charity hosted a welcome reception at the offices of White & Case for the eight NPOs selected as the beneficiaries of the 2019 FIT For Charity Run. With less than three months until the event day on 19 January 2020, the preparations of the Organising Committee are entering a critical stage.

The reception event, attended by close to 100 guests, was opened by Co-Chair Haruka Matsumoto (Deloitte Japan) who stressed the importance of providing ongoing support to local community organisations and thanked the many sponsors, donors and organising committee members for their generous support. The opening was followed by short presentations from each of the eight organisations introducing their activities and the planned usage of the FIT donations.

The sometimes emotional presentations were touching and also provided a good opportunity to reflect on the history and the purpose of the activities of FIT For Charity Run.

The presentations made great conversations between attendees in the following networking reception, which was generously catered with delicious handmade burritos and chips from Guzman y Gomez and a great selection of world wines and non-alcoholic wine provided by importers, Mottox Inc.

Many guests stayed late to enjoy not only the newly created friendships and connections, but also to discuss ways in which they can collaborate on future activities.

This event was made possible through the generous sponsorship and support from White & Case LLP, Guzman y Gomez, Mottox Inc., Diplomatt Inc., photographers Mr. Masahiro Murakoshi, Mr.Akira Fukunaga, and Ms.Hitomi Wakui. Sincere appreciation and a big thank you to all these supporters and donors!

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