How to Get involved

Thank you for considering participation in the FIT For Charity Run (FIT). With the tremendous support from many firms and individuals, the FIT For Charity Run has grown to become a well-recognised event in the financial industry in Tokyo.

To Participate in FIT

There are many ways you can get involved with FIT. Online registration for 2024 has already opened.


There are three types of participating companies.

  1. All participants are self-paid.
  2. All participants are company-paid.
  3. Some are self-paid, the others are company paid.

Each company accepting self-paid registration has its own registration page. Shown below is the list of registration page URLs of companies whose participants are all self-paid. If you don’t find your company, please consult your company’s FIT rep.
Registration page URLs of companies [PDF]

Participate as a Sponsor / Supporter (Sponsor Firm):

  • Payment of the sponsorship fee (JPY500,000) and runner participation fee (JPY6,000 per runner / walker)
  • Only firms in the financial or finance-related- industries can participate under this category.
  • Please contact the Sponsorship Team if you are interested in sponsoring :

Participate as a Runner or Walker (Participant Firm):

  • Payment of the runner participation fee only (JPY6,000 runner / walker).
  • Only those associated with firms in the financial or finance-related- industries can participate under this category.

Support as a Donor (Donor):

  • Provide free services or goods to support FIT preparation and during the event month.
  • Any company can participate under this category.


  • The Organising Committee is also looking for volunteers to assist with the planning of the event throughout the year. There will be on the day volunteering this year due to the hybrid online/offline nature of the event.
  • Please contact us at for more details.

Sponsor Benefits List

  • Depending on the type of sponsorship, we offer various benefits (Participant Companies excluded). Please see here for details.

Payment of Sponsor and Participation fee:

  • Please pay your sponsorship fee and / or participation fee by the respective deadline.
  • Payment details (bank transfer account etc) can be found on the invoice sent by our Finance Team. Individual participants can also make credit card payments through Application registration.
  • Participant fees should be combined into one fund transfer per company (indicating company name in the payor field). We do not accept individual transfers of each participant's fee.

Managing Your Registration

  • Firms are required to register and manage applications for their employees, families, and friends (if your firm wishes to accept families and friends).
  • Participation fee is JPY 6,000 per Runner, Walker or Cyclist (in addition to any Sponsorship fees)

Due Diligence Materials:

  • If you need to prepare due diligence materials for internal approvals of your sponsorship, please click and contact
  • We will provide PDF materials for your use.

Sponsor Companies

Limited to financial or financial-related firms

By becoming a Sponsor, you not only raise your company’s brand awareness through placement of your logo and company name, but also boost opportunities for employee engagement, and optimise and expand your company’s CSR activities through interaction with charities.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Sponsor: Sponsorship fee minimum of JPY 500,000 + participation fee JPY 6,000 or more per runner / walker.

We accept applications from potential sponsors who are from the financial and related-industry firms and support FIT's goals and social causes.

Participant Companies

Payment of JPY6,000 / runner walker only
Limited to Financial or related-industry companies only

Sponsorship Benefits

  • None


  • We accept applications from firms who are from the financial and related industries and support FIT's goals and social causes.

Difference from Sponsor / Supporter Level

  • Participant Companies do not receive any brand exposure opportunities (e.g. FIT website, T-Shirt) and they cannot use the FIT name externally. Please check the benefits of being a sponsor company and consider becoming a sponsor company instead.


Provision of goods or free services
Any company, including non-financials, can participate.

We are looking for companies and individuals who can provide services free of charge or donate goods that can be used as prizes for the charity raffle and for our top runners.

Charity raffle tickets will be sold for 500 yen, and the revenues will be donated to our beneficiary organisations. (TBD for this year's event)

Examples of past goods and services donations

  • Prizes for the charity raffle and top runners: Airline tickets, sports and event tickets, hotel/accommodation tickets, meal tickets, gifts and other vouchers etc.
  • Event day support: drinking water, nutritional supplements, T-shirts, bags, photography (stills and video), audio services, medical assistance service, stretching service, participation awards, medals and trophies, transportation, AEDs,
  • Year round: Event venue, website server/systems, event management advice, printing, interpreting, advertisement, design etc.
  • Feel free to contact us with new proposals for donations anytime!

Donor Benefits

  • Exposure of your company logo or company/individual name in our press releases, official website and SNS
  • Use of FIT logo on your company or individual website


  • We also accept donations of goods and services from firms in the financial services industry.
  • If you wish to participate in FIT but do not work in a financial / finance-related firm, please contact us to discuss how you can help.