About Volunteering in the Organising Committee

The FIT For Charity Run Organising Committee is established and run by like-minded individuals working in the financial industry, and we are seeking volunteers to join the Organising Committee throughout the year.

Who we are

The FIT Organising Committee is a voluntary group of people who want to make a positive impact on our society. Starting in April, Organising Committee Meetings (OCMs) are usually held once a month, weekdays from 7 pm. In addition to creating a strong bond among OCM members, opportunities are provided to cultivate strong relationships with the beneficiary organizations, 100+ FIT participating companies and 50+ sponsor companies. Additionally, exercising leadership is a great opportunity for self-development.

Our organisation structure

We operate as a group of several sub-committees, in which members apply their professional experience and other expertise and share tasks and contribute according to their availability between work and private life.

Logistics & IT team prepares for all aspects of the logistics and systems used for the event. As we will hold the event online this year, they are preparing and will manage the online application allowing participants to track and monitor their run / walk / cycle activities.

Donors team liaises with the companies donating goods and services to FIT. They identify the goods and services necessary for the event, seek donors, arrange delivery and checking of goods for the day of the event, gather information of the donor companies for posting on the website etc.

Sponsorship team acts as the liaison for sponsor and participant companies.

Communications team communicates the concept of FIT via the official website, SNS, press releases. As the FIT PR and branding team, it responds to media queries, coordinates the design of the FIT T-shirts and posters and works with photographers.

Charities team manages the nomination of beneficiary organisations, liaises with the charities and provides opportunities for the sponsor companies to interact with the charities.

Looking to hear from you!
We are seeking volunteers to join the FIT Organising Committee. If you are working in the financial industry and are interested in contributing to the organisation of FIT For Charity Run, please contact us at communications@fitforcharity.org.