2006 Charities

The FIT For Charity Run organising committee members gathered on July 5, 2006, at Matsumotoro, in Hibiya Park, to present a donation check of JPY 5,593,000 to each community organisation the run supported. Below is an outline of the efforts the funds went toward:

FTC Shelter

  • Expansion counseling program and literature for victims of domestic violence and child abuse
  • Overnight trips for increased mental well-being of victims in FTC care

Japan HIV Center

  • Enhancement of counseling program and literature for HIV victims
  • Expansion of accommodations for HIV victims in care
  • Expansion of training program for volunteers and counselors

Nishiwaki Fund

  • Creation of 12 new higher education scholarships for students from underprivileged backgrounds

Second Harvest Japan

  • Supply of 125,000 meals to impoverished people in Tokyo through non-profit organisations

Special Olympics Nippon Tokyo

  • Funding travel and living expenses for more than 1,000 Japanese athletes participating in the National Summer Games, held on November 3 – 5, 2006, in Kumamoto


  • Expansion of orphanage building to allow for more focused attention according to age group
  • Expansion of counselling provided for children in care
  • Expansion of program to reunite children with their families