2008 Charities

The fourth FIT For Charity Run, held on November 24, 2008, raised a total of JPY 58,605,603. The after-expense donation totaled JPY 54,749,490 and was equally divided among the ten local non-profit organisations supported through the run in 2008.

The FIT for Charity Run 2008 Organising Committee and representatives of sponsor companies gathered on February 26, 2009, at Thomson Reuters Japan’s office to present the donation to the ten non-profit organisations. Below is an outline of the organisations and the way the funds were used:

The Big Issue Japan Foundation

The Big Issue Japan Foundation assists homeless people in becoming independent by providing employment through selling the “Big Issue” magazine, and offering a wide range of other support.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Produced and distributed the booklet “Guide to Getting Off the Street (Tokyo Edition)”
  • As part of their “Getting Off the Street” project, supported homeless people to learn about financial management, the development of low rent housing, etc.
  • Sent a soccer team to the Homeless World Cup held in September 2009 in Milan and promoted the event

Carillon Children Center

The Carillon Children Center operates a shelter to provide a stable home for teenagers who are in danger due to abuse or crime, and runs a facility for young working people.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Purchased equipment for a new boys’ shelter (electrical appliances, furniture, table ware, etc.)
  • Provided living expenses for children (including food, clothing, medical care, transportation, etc.)
  • Provided a portion of personnel expenses for others

Dialog in the Dark

Dialog in the Dark organises interactive workshops in completely darkened rooms where people with visual disabilities lead small groups through everyday situations to promote the understanding and integration of people with visual disabilities throughout society.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Covered operating costs for Dialog in the Dark Tokyo
  • Published a new catalogue
  • Developed an on-line booking system
  • Developed a business training program
  • Trained blind guides

Japan Transplant Support Association (JTSA)

Japan Transplant Support Association supports patients who require organ transplants and their families through subsidies, fundraising, information, guidance and education.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Disseminated donor cards
  • Submitted a petition to the government to change current organ transplant regulations
  • Provided support for patients who needed to travel overseas to receive an organ transplant
  • Invited a speaker from overseas to a conference
  • Organised a charity concert

Meals on Wheels Japan

Meals on Wheels Japan provides food services, networking and other resources for the elderly through the active participation of local communities.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Enhanced networking activities by promoting information exchange and cooperation with other non-profit organisations
  • Interacted with and educated local organisations through national seminars and local events, as well as the distribution of newsletters and educational materials

National Association of Crime Victims and Surviving Families (NAVS)

The National Association of Crime Victims and Surviving Families provides legal assistance to victims of crime and their families, and runs campaigns to secure recognition and reaffirmation of their rights.
The donation was used as follows:

  • As part of a plan to propose a new policy to protect victims of crime and their families, researched related issues, such as approaches to violent criminals, juvenile victims and investigation into the realities faced by victims of crime

Tsukuba Aijien Children’s Care Home

The Tsukuba Aijien Children’s Care Home operates an orphanage and children’s care home for forty children aged between two and eighteen years old. The facility is coming to the end of its useful life and requires reconstruction.
The donation was used as follows:

  • As part of the relocation and renovation of the facility, constructed a new playground


Vivace educates students to reduce the incidence of suicide and promote respect for life, as well as activities focussed on experiencing nature.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Renovated and maintained a donated premises to be used as a children’s hospice, to become Japan’s first
  • Conducted communications activities to promote the hospice’s activities
  • Trained hospice staff
  • Held a seminar about Helen & Douglas House, the world’s first children’s hospice

Women’s Network Saya-Saya

Women’s Network Saya-Saya supports women and children who are victims of domestic violence, through providing shelter, career consultation services and other support.
The donation was used as follows:

  • Developed and operated care programs, trained instructors to facilitate the future expansion of programs throughout Japan, improved the “Step House” facilities and offered therapy for children and enhanced related equipment