2007 Charities

The FIT For Charity Run organising committee members gathered on July 18, at Deutsche Group office, to present a donation check of JPY 9,972,597 to each community organisation the run supported. Below is an outline of the efforts the funds are being used for:

Center for Child Abuse Prevention (CCAP)

Implementation and promotion of a treatment program for children with attachment disorders caused by abuse or neglect.

Futaba Infant Home

  • Implementation of an electronic management system for child-related documents
  • Improvement of living standard in infant and foster homes
  • Provision of new foster care home(s)
  • Organisation of workshops and printing of textbooks for foster parents

MOYAI Support Center for Independent Living

  • Assistance of underprivileged people who are endeavouring to make living in the community, including the expansion of a self-reliant coffee-roasting business.
  • Initiation and enhancement of projects to support young people and women who are victims of domestic violence.

L’enfant Plaza

  • Support of children with minor development disorders and their families by establishing exchange programs with organisations like the Landmark School, which is internationally recognised for its education of youth with learning disabilities
  • Relocation to a new learning facility

Family House

  • Planning and implementation of a program to enhance operations at a “family house” that provides low-cost accommodation for sick children and their families who have travelled to Tokyo for medical treatment
  • Improvement of housing coordination and monitoring of guest needs
  • Organisation of workshops to support guests and staff training
  • Awareness campaign

Shineikai Fujimi

  • Provision of on-site clinical psychotherapist
  • Construction of playing field for children living at the shelter
  • Organisation of day trips for single mothers and their children living at the facility.