2015 Charities

FIT For Charity is dedicated to supporting non-profit community organisations serving important, but not necessarily well-recognised needs, with limited fundraising capabilities. Supported charities that represent this principle are chosen from organisations in the Kanto area. Funds are divided equally among them. As a non-standing organisation, FIT prefers to support community organisations on a one-year basis. By doing so, FIT can vary the organisations and therefore support a wide range of causes.

Because all members of the FIT For Charity Organising Committee are themselves unpaid volunteers, and because almost all of the elements needed to stage the FIT event are donated by companies and their employees, the community organisations supported by FIT receive approximately 90% of the total funds collected.

The FIT For Charity 2015 Organising Committee are pleased to announce the 8 beneficiary charities we will be supporting this year. After a thorough review the charities were selected through a voting process held amongst eligible FIT sponsor and supporter firms.

LinkIconA Dream A Day IN TOKYO

A Dream A Day IN TOKYO presents weeklong cost-free trip to Tokyo for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Special emphasis is made to children who need help of an emergency life-saving technician and/or a welfare vehicle because of the stage in their illnesses. FIT's funding will allow it to host five more children and their families living in Kanto area, where it was not able to cover effectively. 

LinkIconNPO BOND Project

BOND Project rescues high-risk young females on the street, who are suffering from bullying, domestic violence and sexual abuse, and/or have suicidal thoughts It outreaches these females in need through emails, SNS/LINE chats, telephone calls, and meetings on the street and provides assistance to receive conventional support by the authorities. FIT's grant will allow it to launch "Mobile Food Truck with Consultation Desk" to provide immediate on-site help.

LinkIconNPO Hattatsu Wanpaku Kai

Hattatu Wanpaku Kai works towards development of children so that they can grow as who they are in their community. Early detection and intervention are the key factors to assist infants and toddlers who may have a developmental disorder. Furthermore, helping the parents address these is also an important factor for success. FIT donation will be devoted to the establishment of a child care support facility "Parent KOKKO Room".

LinkIconNPO Otsuka Club

Otsuka Club is working on fostering hearing-impairment children’s sociality and independence by improving living environment mainly through out-of-school activities and family supports. Donations from FIT is planned to be used for projects such as creating places for hearing-impairment children and their siblings to stay, and operating summer camps. 

LinkIconNPO ReBit

ReBit aspires to create a society where any child including LGBT youth can become the adult that they want to be, through LGBT education and LGBT recruiting. ReBit will use the FIT funds to create a structure where appropriate information on LGBT reaches students in the Kanto area, through development and distribution of a toolkit that enables teachers to independently conduct lessons and help the LGBT youths.

LinkIconShinai-jyuku Support Center for Foreigner's Education and Life

Shinai-jyuku Support Center for Foreigner's Education and Life provides educational support for foreign children, consultation and life protection for foreigners living in Japan with residential status, etc. FIT's funding will allow it to expand its classrooms, keep a bilingual staff with capability to manage consulting services, and provide upskilling training for staff.

LinkIconSingle Mothers Forum

Single Mothers Forum supports the well-being of single parents and their children. FIT's funding will allow it to provide personal support in the forms of funding, counselling, occupational support and relevant information. This information will be provided through a smartphone-friendly website, onsite support as needed, food support to those in distress, learning/tutoring support to the children, and allowance for schooling advancement to junior high, senior high school.

LinkIconSmiling Hospital Japan

Smiling Hospital Japan aims to lift the spirits of children in hospital. It organises regular visits of professional artists to the hospital wards and/or bedsides to provide various entertainment and creative activities with children. Since May 2012, it covers 14 hospitals and 4 facilities. FIT's grant will allow it to expand the range of its activities, such as visiting children who are forced to stay home after discharge or because of a severe handicap.